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Caddcam Services Sdn. Bhd.  began  its   operation in  1997,  focusing  on  an opportunity that existed  in tool and die making and  manufacturing which  required specialization in 3 axis Vertical CNC Machining. Our company is a precision tool shop experienced in  designing and specialized in  plastic  moulding.

Our  company  offers quick  turn  delivery  specializing  in  close tolerance and would like to be your world class supplier off all kind  of mould. We  believe that our staff is  our  asset in  our strife for excellence. Therefore, we intend to further and strengthen our capabilities and knowledge in our specialized field  by offering ideas to our clients to achieve cost effective and economical   designs for their project within limited time frame to follow specific quality standards.

To help the small mould making industries. Who do not have the facilities in 3d software and cnc machine. We offer to support machining 3d mould insert and copper electrode for any kind of mould type.

Normally, customer wil provide their product information by giving the full scale 3d modeling , with this 3d modelling, we will prepare mould design, 3d machining for insert and edm copper electrode.

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(making all kind of
spare parts)

We Specialise in:

Modeling 3d CAD/CAM
Design New Product
and Mold Design

CNC Machining Services

Plastic Injection Mould

Die Casting  Mould
Making (and zink)

Investment Casting
Die Making (wax)

Inspection Jig Making

Assembly Jig Making
caddcam services sdn. bhd.
caddcam services sdn. bhd.